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Crush glass Rootbeer Floats

SKU: wp6018
"Get Some Cold Frosty Hits from a Handy Heavywall Hitter! 14mm glass nail with dome. 9"in height
“All borosilicate glass construction, made strong and heat resistant! Each piece is hand made right here in the U.S.A. by skilled craftsmen (and women!) and are each individual works of art. So please, expect some minor variations in your personal piece!”(Crush Glass Copy Right)

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Variety, Design, Colors is what Guru does best, vast variety of Glass water pipes, bubbler and wood smoking pipes, Oil Rigs, Grinders, Heady Glass, Scientific glass, Bubblers, Best variety Glass, Water Pipes different styles, unique designs and colors scheme. 100's of colors and design, solid to clear, all shape and sizes available, please contact us with any questions, thank you for looking
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